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Laser engraving is one of the most durable and exclusive ways to decorate promotional products and giveaways in the advertising media industry. Laser engraving is used mainly for the personalisation of prestigious promotional products and gifts made of metal, such as fine writing instruments or storage cases/etuis.

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A drawing or sketch of a promotional product or giveaway before the manufacturing of the advertising media, shows how the final reproduction will look.

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PSI Exhibition in Düsseldorf

Europe's leading trade fair for the promotional products industry is held in Düsseldorf at the beginning of each year. An international trade platform, the PSI Exhibition brings together promotional product suppliers and distributors from all corners of the globe. All the latest trends and innovations for the coming business year are showcased here. The PSI Exhibition is a high-profile market place delivering contacts and information, and representing a valuable resource for the promotional product industry.

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The abbreviation LED stands for the term 'Light-Emitting Diode'. LEDs are used to illuminate letters, digits and symbols on electronic promotional products and advertising media. As, unlike the LCD, they are electroluminescent, they are especially suited to devices that are used in a darker room as promotional products or advertising media.

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The line screen frequency or line screen refers to the number of lines within a certain unit of measurement, e.g. lines per inch (LPI) or lines per centimetre in Germany. A German 54er Raster therefore has 54 lines per centimetre, which is equivalent to 200 LPI.
Common line screen frequencies in offset printing range from 135 LPI to 200 LPI (54 lines/cm to 80 lines/cm).
When it comes to manufacturing promotional products and giveaways these details are particularly important if product images or logos with gradients are to be printed on the advertising media.

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The abbreviation LCD stands for the term 'Liquid Crystal Display'. LCDs are thin, flat, energy-efficient electronic visual displays that are used instead of cathode ray tubes (CRT), e.g. in laptops and notebooks, and for displays in many other technical devices that are employed as promotional products and advertising media.

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A logo is a symbol for a company, brand or product, and constitutes a key component of a company's corporate identity (CI). It is also of major significance when manufacturing promotional products, giveaways and advertising media.
A good logo distinguishes itself by being recognised as synonymous with a company's name, brand and services when used in connection with promotional products and other advertising media.

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Loyalty rewards are high-quality promotional products with which a company thanks customers and business partners for a long and successful relationship. The use of loyalty rewards is often employed in customer loyalty programmes and is especially important during times when business is not going so well. Customers can also earn rewards when successfully concluding contracts. Investing a little more in promotional gifts and coming up with something special for customers gives them the feeling that they have made the right choice in choosing your company. When you offer your customers gifts, they are grateful for this appreciation and attention, and feel the desire to thank you in return by also placing future orders with your company. The gift is especially effective if the promotional gift is deemed as relevant and valuable by the recipient.

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Lycra is the registered trademark for DuPont's (now Invista) high-quality elastane fibres. It gives textile promotional products and advertising media permanent elasticity and a perfect fit.

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